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We believe good design is a key driver of innovation, economic growth, export and development.

About Us

Who We Are ?

The Innovative Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) formerly known as the Interior Design Excellence Awards is Nigeria’s largest and most successful independent design awards program. Established in 2012, the program celebrates the ever evolving world of design in Africa. We believe ‘good design’ is a key driver for innovation, economic growth, and development. We are dedicated to showcasing the use of design as a tool for social impact in the disciplines of architecture, interior design, furniture design, industrial design, brand + communication design, technology, urban design and animation. This annual award ceremony exists to honour designers and their work.

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Our Components.

There are four components of the IDEA, namely;


The awards competition is broken down in 9 categories namely: Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Furniture Design, Urban Design, Brand + Communication Design, Technology, and Animation. A special category dedicated to the Design Innovation Fund is dedicated to creating prototypes of design items for industrialization and quantifiable manufacturing. All the categories draw from industry standards in terms of level of innovation, functionality, formal quality, industry standards, durability and sustainability, symbolic context, and self-explanatory quality.

Design Auction

Based on the panel discussion on ‘The Art of Collecting Design Objects,’ we are encouraging collectors and enthusiasts to buy into designed items, for fundraising avenues which enable cash flow (proceeds) for the Design Fund. We invite designers to contribute their works or provide their design objects.

Round Table

This panel discussion invites industry leaders to speak on the subject- ‘The Art of Collecting Design Objects.’ We ask questions that draw on existing knowledge of the design industry, collecting, investing, and the future of the design industry.

Design Fund

The African Design Fund is an initiative set up by Design Museum Lagos to support enterprise and innovation for Pan-African designers. The challenges often faced by these budding and talented designers is introducing their creativity to the global market. The lack of funding has proven to be an insurmountable barrier for entry. By investing and supporting startups with seed capital, we help to develop talented Pan-African designers during early stages to produce functional and well designed products.

Meet Our Creative Minds.

Titi Ogufere


Osaru Alile-Christ


Tochukwu MacFoy

Media + Entertainment Manager

Moriam Ajaga

Senior Project Manager

Olufisayo Bakare

Brand + Communications Manager

Mina Harvey

Administrative Officer

Polola Oladipo

Logistics Manager

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